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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a blast of cold and a look outside from our camera looking to the new span of the bay bridge. whichever way you look, the temperatures are going to be close to freezing but if san francisco with mike telling us where the coldest numbers numbe. a mobile home erupts into flames. look at these pictures, the investigation is underway right now. >> developing now, the search will resume in the idaho wilderness for the bay area pilot would went missing with the family in their small plane. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, a cold wednesday.
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>> not your imagination but we saw temperatures in the 20's? >> yes, absolutely, in the inland valleys and fremont even is at 29 and palo alto is close at 31. we have frosty spots around the bay. mid-to-upper 30's in most neighborhoods and flirting with 50 is it at noon and 51 below average at 4:00 and dropping quickly back in the mid-40's by 7:00. temperatures inland are running around 20 to 21 degree cooler than this time yesterday with widespread fog inland and 30 and the upper 40's at noon and 50 at 4:00. then back to 39 degrees at 7:00. at the coast we have frost at half moon bay hanging around 32 all morning. mid-to-upper 30's for elsewhere and upper 40's with chilled sunshine in the afternoon and 41 at 7:00. >> good morning, everyone, a
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grinds from the central valley. in livermore, though, we have a stalled big rig. you see very close traffic approaching the scene. it doesn't lighten up much until you are beyond the dublin interchange traveling westbound on 580. at pleasanton, an early hit-and-run accident still in the right lane with the tow truck an r.v. so you may find a small delay if you increase that area. 46 minutes in dublin/pleasanton and a grind and not a bad drive from san francisco to saab -- san rafael. >> in the south bray a possibly home was destroyed of a huge fire overnight in san jose. matt keller has detail on the investigation and the search for possible victims. matt? >> they do not believe anyone was inside when this fire started. it is very cold in san jose but firefighters not sure if the
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weather was a factor. as you take a look at the mobile home it is destroyed so it could take a while to figure out what caused the fire. the figures from the san jose fire department show what they were facing arrives on the scene at 2:00. they started into defensive attack throwing waters on the flames a thousand gallons a minute. neighbors were concerned the flames could spread. >> i opened up the blinds and it was like daylight with the flames. completely engulfed. a man in his 70's lives in the home and not seen since yesterday. the car was not parked in front. four fighters believe three was not here. firefighters did not find a body and do not believe anyone was inside. this is a mess with the water putting out the flames and there
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are two firefighting crews on the scene waiting for the contracts to arrive to put up a fence to secure the scene. >> a remainder to get updates on the story and other breaking news as it happens on twitter by following us. >> now the cold snap, we are wake up to freezing and below freezing temperatures, in the north bay the cold snap caused some people to make a dash to stock up on supplies and in novato business is slow at the firewood outlet until yesterday with many buying enough to keep them warm the next few days. around the bay area people trying to protect their plants from frost. cover and water your plants to help keep them from being frozen and other strategies include stringing christmas lights around them and putting a tarp over them to trap the heat. floodlights are another way to keep the trees warm. >> at oakland zoo they are keeping the cold away from the zoo animals.
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the o.j. tortoise is taking cover in a barn with heat lamps. >> frost warning is coming and we want them warm. we added extra hay so they are cozy. >> the water temperature for roosevelt the alligator is kept at 75 degrees. >> the blast is cold is felt across the entire western united states. this is from colorado outside of denver and you can see the snow on the ground and falling right in. temperatures are in the single digitses in denver with up to 7 itch of snow on the ground by the end of morning and the plows are standing by. >> closer to home snow has been falling in reno and that caused problems on local roads and highways. the nevada highway patrol says they responded to dozens of citizens and many drivers found themselves sliding out-of-control because of the slick conditions. >> now is a good time to
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download the weather app that give you severe weather alerts and live radar and it is flow at >> the search resumes in idaho for an executive whose small plane disappeareds on? with four family members on board. katie? 40 search personnel are on the ground with soldier aircraft. there is some hope because planes picked up an emergency locator transmitter. it further narrowed the seven area. the small plane took off from oregon on sunday headed to montana and the pilot reported engine problems over idaho. on board was his daughter and his fiance students at byu and
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jonathan was meeting her family for the first time over the holiday and the wedding is a month from day the jonathan's uncle has faith in the piloting but necessities there is more at issue. >> our concern is they have survived the crash and could be injured but having to survive in ten degree weather at night with snow and no way to keep warm. >> his son, daniel, and his wife were on the plane. daily smith founded serial tek a pioneer so the wear giant. searching begins in an hour. >> in sonoma, efforts are growing for the creation of a park in memory of 13-year-old andy lopez, the board is looking at respecting the lot where lopez was shot while carrying a copy ak-47 by a sheriff deputy in october. the board made a move to putting
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cameras on deputies to instill trust in the governments and demands by the protesters that the deputy be indicted. >> potential republican candidate is doing better than the rest for voting for president in three years. 47 percent have a favorable view of new jersey governor chris christie. 19 percent see him unfairbly. christie woman re-election as until's governor last month and he has hinted he could run for president in 2016. who doesn't want to get out of bed? >> absolutely. now, the north bay, cartinez straights, keep the petness if you can, the plants covered, if not, bring them inside until
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9:00 this morning. we still have some threatening weather with temperatures in the 20's. all of us tonight but for san francisco, notice this starts at 9:00 tonight, it will cool when the sun drops through 9:00 tomorrow morning and freezing temperatures to the coast. the pets and the plants and pipes are at risk but, also, you could be. check out these peoples: our afternoon highs are flirting with the upper 40's to low 50's from seven to 11 degrees cooler unanimous normal. there will be another cold night in store and chilled sunshine tomorrow and winter mix on friday and saturday. sue? >> notwithstandings. we have ice reported in san mateo area northbound 280 a high overcrossing bridge by the minute stone house use travel through the san mateo and
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crystal springs area. caltran is sending out a truck to cough -- cover that up. this r.v. is cleared since 3:00 this morning and you will find traffic easing your way northbound through the pleasanton area with no problems with mass transit and everyone is on time and san rafael, the drive from novato is good as you drive southbound which is good to the golden gate bridge. >> breaking overnight a truck with radioactive material is hijacked in mexico and the all out search for it right now. >> new details in the death of paul walker and a good deed the fat nasa star made before his fiery car crash. >> hot east presses, the magazine that went digital only is now getting ready for print come back.
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covering cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:14 on wednesday morning. >> this is a shot of the san mateo bridge. tail lights headed west to foster city moving fine. you can now see how cold it is so we will check with mike and sue in a minute. officials are on heightened alert after a truck carrying dangerous would active material was stolen south of border at a gas station near mexico city on monday night. officials say it was carrying a medical device used to treat cancer patients. there is a radioactive material that can be dangerous if removed or if the shielding is damaged. it is not clear if thieves know what they v officials are
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concerned it could be used to milk a dirty bomb which would not explode but could make people sick. we will have more at 6:45. >>the family of former south african president says he is not doing well and according to the south african broadcasting forecast his family says the 95-year-old is putting up a courageous fight from his death bed. he was discharged from the hospital in september after being treated for three months for a recur lung infection. he has been receiving home-based medical care since. his condition has been described as "critical but stable." >> new details in the death of movie star paul walker. the actor and his friend who was driving had 60 seconds to escape before the car exploded on saturday. it is not clear if the two men could have gotten out or if they
6:16 am
died on impact. a couple has come forward saying they will never forget a kind gesture by the "fast and furious" star. the couple say they were shopping for an edge engagement ring and they met walker and he surprised them by paying no -- for a ring. >> he found out kyle came back from iraq and i saw the look if his face, it transformed him and it is the most subsequent -- generous thing anyone has done. >> they left the store without the ring when a sales person call to let them know what walk are had done. >> tesla stock is rebounding with shares jumping 16 percent yesterday to close at $144 a share after news from germany that a safety investigation there found no concerns with the company's mold s -- model s sedan. there have been reports of two fires in the united states on
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the model and an investigation remains ongoing here in the united states. >> in the struggling magazine that stopped printing a year ago new is ready to turn 9 press back on. the new owner of newsweek expects to star printing the weekly magazine if -- in january or february. it has been digital only and the magazine says it is modeling the new version to be more like the economists rather than the rival "time magazine." the death of the printed page could be premature. >> now a check on the chilly forecast. >> it is cold. you need to fine the heaviest coast you have and the mittens and ear muffs. there is a wind chill in places like san francisco and napa but it is keeping the temperature up. live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds that normally blanket us to keep us from being so cold are over the ocean and that is where they will stay today for the better part of tomorrow.
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in the north, that is where the coldest temperatures are and that is where our freeze warning continues. 24 in petaluma, and gushville and santa rosa at 29 and 30 at novato and everyone else is above freezing, mill tale at 34 and american canyon is 36 and san rafael at 39. napa with the north breeze at 41 san ramon, it was 30 just an hour ago. 36 in san jose and cupertino is 34. alameda is 42. 34 in newark. east bay hills are clear and calm and crisp. we will see plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow but it will be below average. the coldest low is tonight and rain and snow in the bay area possible on friday into saturday our temperatures, today, with
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the sunshine mostly around 50 to 52 degrees and the exception is oakland and half moon bay and morgan hill and live more and antioch, and concord to clear lay, may not break out of the upper 40's. tonight, lows are in the mid-20's to low 30's and freezing but for possibly oakland and san mateo and richmond and san francisco where we will have mid-to-upper 30's. the big picture while you are sleeping the cold front is to the south putting us in the cold air mass so record lows are possible today and tomorrow. open thursday, in the afternoon, we are tracking the low coming down the slippery slope with the jet stream pulling more cold air with it and we could have spring sprinkles on friday morning and in mid-morning in the afternoon, the rain will reach the ground and as we get to 4:00 level, the cold air will return with the snow level and dropping to 3,100
6:20 am
feet so we have dusting snow in the higher elevation on saturday morning. a freeze is possible on sunday morning and we will be back in the 50's on monday and tuesday but temperatures are nowhere near average all seven days of the forecast. >> back to livermore area where we have a new solo spinout partly blocking the slow lane you will. slow although we have had the early accident with the big rig cleared now we have a new problem so it is slow up and over the altamont pass into livermore. we have ice reported in the san mateo area on 280, north of highway 92 caltran is sending a sand truck out there and you could fine slippery conditions. the drive times from the central valley to was veto rally is under an hour and that is from the 101 from san jose looking good and 280 into san francisco
6:21 am
not a problem from the coast and now, a look at 80 berkeley bumper to bumper, it is 15 minutes from golden gate bridge to the toll plaza. >> thank you, sue. >> not supposed to use a cell phone behind a wheel but what about google glass in ahead, the precedent setting case heard in a california courtroom. >> farewell to a real champion. the send off to "good morning america" sam oh no! i'm a monster! agh! no! agh! you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms.
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with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. heavenly valley, pictures from south lake tahoe, a skier and snow boarder dream with some natural snow but the cool temperatures allows for great snow making and mike will talk about cool temperatures in the bay area. >> this day has arrived, sam champion's last day on "good morning america" is today and people have been stopping by the "good morning america" studios to thank sam for support and wish him well. >> my partner and i came down to present you with a token of our "appreciation. >> thank you so much.
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thank you. >> "good morning america" producers put together fund moments over the years. he has been with abc for 25 years. join the america america -- "good morning america" team after the news this morning. >> santa has air support this morning, with the military tracking santa each year with real time updates as he delivers toys and gifts. families can call or go online to find out where santa is but this year he is joined by fighter jets. a spokesman for norad says this gives the operation more operational appeal but some say the military already plays too big of a role in the holiday and the reindeer are enough. what do you think? >> if you have little monsters
6:26 am
in the house, lady gaga is going on tour again and it includes a stop in the bay area. lady gaga will perform june 3 if san jose with tickets on sale next monday to the general public. certain credit card holders have a chance to score early tickets this morning at 10:00 a.m. >> the only news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> san francisco police want you to take a close look at this just-released surveillance video video, a disturbing crime investigators say this man carried out on the san francisco bay. >> as promised, the cold is here. are you ready in next we will tack about the temperatures and how people are dealing. >> check out the high pressure has brought us clear and crisp and free warning. we have a winter mix in the bay area slated for friday and
6:27 am
saturday. details ahead. >> you can see the metering lights are on and traffic is stacking to the miss maze and we have ice reported on the peninsula and northbound 280
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this cold wedges. thanks for joining us. >> let's get more on the cold right now from mike nicco. >> we will start with the day planner. we have frosty spots on the bay including menlo park below 32 degrees. sunny at noon and splitting with 50 and low 50's cooler than average through 4:00. it will chill quickly at 7:00 down to 45 degrees. inland it is frosty and 48 at noon and 4:00, it will be 50, ten degrees cooler-than-average and in the upper 30's by 7:00 and at the cost we have frost, with half moon bay at 32, and we
6:31 am
will be in the upper 40's for the afternoon hours and 41 at 7:00. dress warmly. sue is here with the traffic. for leyla gulen. >> we have bumper-to-bumper traffic with an accident in livermore area before vasco westbound 580, a solo spinout is now blocking the slow lane. before the break i mentioned ice on 280 on the bridge near crystal springs reservoir northbound with caltran sending out a san truck. what -- that is not seen very often. it is slow through the san ramon valley. >> thank you. firefighters or on the scene in san jose after a fire destroyed a mobile home.
6:32 am
this was shortly after 2:00 a.m. and firefighters do not think anyone was home when the file started of the neighbor say a man in his 70's lived there. >> now the bay area cold snap, people are waking town freezing temperatures this morning, and our reporter is in san rafael with that story. amy hollyfield? >> it is very cold. we had warning, though, right? i have my coat on. here is video of people preparing in the bay area. we told that the firewood sells were up. people were also buying space meters and getting ready. also, having to prepare our homeless shelters. they knew it would be busy as the temperatures went down including in san rafael where st. vincent depaul has 60 beds
6:33 am
for people. >> in marin we have 19 host congregations and our guests sleep on the floor with tablier and are protected from the elements. >> in santa clara county, they have a thousand beds ready to go but they estimate that there are 7,600 people on the streets each night. they say that one of the hardest parts of the job is turning people away. it is heartbreaking but it is come down to numbers. people are doing what they can but never enough. there are always more people on the streets in this cold weather. keep in mind to do what you can and bundle yourself up. it is cold. weather app with hourly
6:34 am
temperature forecast free at abc7 >> developing news today, 40 search-and-rescue personnel continue efforts to locates a san jose family lost since sunday. the plane took off from oregon headed to montana but the pilot dale smith reported engine problems over idaho. his daughter and her fiance, jonathan norton and smith's son, daniel and his wife are on board. he is founded serial tek and will is considered an experienced pilot. >> typical engineer. i can 96 that. i did do that. when he sold the other company he bought the airplane and has been flying ever since. >> yesterday, rescuers picked up a weak transmitter signal from the downed play to narrow the search area which described as highly inaccessibl rugged terrain. >> san francisco police hope newly released video will find the man would threw two cats
6:35 am
into san francisco bay. look at the surveillance video, this man is suspected taking two cats from their owner and tossing them into the bay on monday. it happened near pier 4. there is a freeze frame right here from the video taking on the embarcadero. we reported the story last week. a woman was carrying her two cats in a carrier and witnesses say the man grabbed the carrier and threw it in the water. both cats died. anyone with information is asked to contact the san francisco animal care and control unit. authorities in the east bay are searching for a missing thin -- 13-year-old girl last seen in pleasanton in a car with three males. she considered "atat risk" becae she is so young. she was wearing a blue green
6:36 am
sweatshirt. >> the suspect for killing a cringe man over a play station will appear in court after the student at santa monica city check was home on thanksgiving day break and told his place station online and was meeting the buyer to get the money but the buyer refused to pay and got in were a argument and shot him. >> the suspected gunman behind the shooting at los angeles international airport is scheduled to make the first court appearance this morning in southern california. officials say the 23-year-old paul ciancia will not be asked to enter a plea but will hear the charges. ciancia shot and killed a t.s.a. agent and wounded two federal officers. >> tapes of 9-1-1 calls made during the sandy hook school shooting are released today 10 days before the shooting anniversary. the recordings include seven calls made to police on december
6:37 am
14. the shootings left 26 dead including 20 children and the gunman. >> truck with radioactive material stolen in mexico and the investigation that is happening now south of the border. >> google glass in court, the california woman making history as she was caught using the new gadget behind the wheel. >> low, low temperatures. traffic and weather today are next.
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we back at 6:40 and the air is crisp and clean looking to the east bay hills with the coldest spot in the bay area right now by region in the north bay, petaluma is 22 degrees and san francisco and oakland are 38. fremont is 29, san jose is 30 right now. and danville is 27 and east bay valley, along the peninsula, menlo park at 30 degrees. that is widespread frost this morning. talk about the southern california temperatures, low-to-mid 60's and tahoe is 26 today with just some partly cloudy conditions. friday and saturday, watch out, the western sleep up to 12" of
6:41 am
snow is possible. suest. >> things to watch out for, you need chain reports on 88. if livermore, the slow lane is blocked and a grind up and over the altamont pass but it does not ease up until you are past the dublin entrepreneur. a new accident on the right shoulder, southbound 880, look as it is bunching up, the headlights headed into the macarthur maze it is slow. metering lights are on so traffic is bumper to bumper. >> thank yous sue, at 6:41. now possibly major implications on when you can wear google glass. a woman pleated not guilty for
6:42 am
wearing google glass, while driving. her attorney says he will argue the glasses were not active while she was driving. the trial will begin in january. >> cyber monday proved to be too much to handle for motorola the website actually crashed. how the smartphone company is making it up to customers. >> the bay area company now fighting back against so-called weight mom customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> breaking overnight the search is on for a truck stolen from mexico with a potentially deadly radioactive material. >> katie marzullo is in newsroom with the latest. >> the international atomic energy agency says armed men have stolen a truck carrying dangerous medical radioactive material used for condition certificate treatment. it is being driven from a hospital to a waste storm center near mexico city. the nuclear security commission says at time of theft on monday, the cargo was properly shielded
6:46 am
but the commission wants it could be extremely dangerous if removed from the shielding or damaged. >> if you had a large quantity, an entire truck of this, could you do some environmental harm? that question is open at this point. >> the dirty bomb specifically what people worried about. the police are ticketing a search for the truck and the contents and officials in the united states are monitoring the situation closely. thank you, katie. that is deadly stuff. a kid found some in mexico city in 1962 and it killed four people from radiation. >> same stuff? >> same stuff. >> we will stay on top of the story. tradingtrading is underway on wl street. right now, the dow is down 47 points at 15,868. >> motorola today is offering customer as cyber monroe do, the
6:47 am
website crashed on monday when too many people logged on and tried to buy the smartphone at $150 discount. the google-owned company is apogiesing and is offering the same promotion today and next monday. the sale starts at 9:00 a.m. specific time. >> microsoft test add bra that measure your emotional state using sensors. it measures feelings you expense before you over eat and sending a warning to the smartphone that you could be about to raise the cookie jar. the study shows the bra accurately predicted the emotional state 75 percent of the time but needed to be removed and rechampioned every -- recharmed every four hours. >> a bay area lingerie company is take on "fit mom" after unflattering comments. the mother from sacramento
6:48 am
sparked accusations of fat shaming for posting this photo and then backed an ad by a long ray company with photos of plus-sized women saying encouraging overweight women to be proud of their bodies is "strange mentality." the company is based in san jose and the owner wishes she would be more accepting. >> i win she with go do her thing and it us do our thing and all petitionsfully co-exist because even she helps is beautiful and everyone we help is beautiful. >> hear from both women in the debate this only on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7 news. >> there is something they have in common when they step outside it will be code. you need to way more than they were wearing in the pictures. >> it is cold up to 21 degrees cooler in some areas compared to
6:49 am
yesterday. there was a lost moisture in the air with most of the frost on my car on the roof early this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows you can see the clouds over the coast are well over the ocean can he will say that why which is why it is so cold. 33 to 35 in the south bay that is the range but 36 in san jose and foley at the airport, 40 in mountain view a warm spot and 35 in newark and 34 in lafayette and 32 in half moon bay and 28 in danville a cool spot, and novato is 29 and san francisco is 42. the winds blowing in san francisco so our temperature is up. our best chance for a record low today is in oakland at 38 and goal provide at 27. we will be close. elsewhere, we are far away although it is very cold. if the east bay hills, the morning sunshine is waking up
6:50 am
san francisco and you can pick out how beautiful our landscape is. sunny and cool the next two days. but when you step outside you will notice the winter is here. we all need to worry about frost but if san francisco. the highs are upper 40's to low 50's and we could reach 53 in oakland and 54 in santa cruz and some places may not get out of the upper 40's. everyone is under a freeze warning from 9:00 this evening until 9:00 tomorrow morning. pets, plants, pipes, even yourself, watch out. record lows possible today and tomorrow. now, late thursday night into friday morning, a few sprinkles are possible, and a lot of that
6:51 am
will evaporate and friday to mid-afternoon, rain, and headed to the evening hours, stow level -- snow level is down to 3,100 feet saturday afternoon is the coolest at mid-to-upper 40's and freeze is possible and 50's on monday and tuesday and nowhere are we close to average. sue is here for leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, getting busy out there. look at what is happening in the union city area southbound 880 a spinout there in the center divide blocking the slow lane and you will find slow traffic before 92 as you make your way southbound and a new accident at petaluma with a big rig and a p.t. cruiser so the traffic will be stacking up out of sonoma county for marin county.
6:52 am
ice in the san mateo area on 280 near crystal springs caltran truck was sent to get sand on the road. use extra caution. walnut creek commute 680 a few brake lights to north main and 24 and otherwise it is good through the valley. doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer by taking the ledge to -- pledge to "give where you live," feeding local food banks, we will pledge a dollar for every pledge given by spreading the love by giving where you live. >> seven things to know of but
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6:54 am
as we hand thinks off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. >> the freeze warnings conditions for the north bay until 9:00 this morning. we have seen frosty spots throughout the bay area and that is where it is most widespread. as far as temperatures, we are running 48 to 53 degrees and we will be well below average. all of us but for san francisco are going to have frosty temperatures tonight. the pets and plants and pipes need to be protected from the freezing cold. >> people across the bay area have been getting ready for the cold snap and residents have stocked up on wood and purchasing space heres and others are protecting their plans and the animal at the
6:55 am
oakland land zoo are enjoying warmer happenings with heaters. >> an early morning fire ripped through a mobile home at a park near monterey around 2:00 the it is not believed that anyone was home at the time. >> new details in the death of movie story paul walker with reports this morning saying he and his friend had 60 seconds to escape before the car exploded in southern california. it is unclear to they could get out or if they decided on impact. >> caltran is preparing to turn on $2 million worth of special lights on the east span of the bay bridge and the "san francisco chronicle" says we 7,400 lode --
6:56 am
>> batkid is back at golden gate park with an image of the super hero giving a thumb's up. the batkid was selected for the theme this contrary. >> looking at bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and we have sluggish traffic in san francisco and a new accident southbound 101 petaluma is blocking a lane of traffic and only two lanes there, so you will need extra time if you are leaving sonoma headed to marin county. thank you for joining us. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> we have more news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" in 25 minutes.
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♪ that's my kind of holiday good morning, america. breaking overnight, radioactive heist. a truck carrying radioactive material stolen at a gas station south of our border. the world's top nuclear watchdog warns, it could be extremely dangerous. developing now, that polar express plunging into the u.s. pushing deep into the southwest. bitter cold and warnings right now. it's in the 20s in california. sam champion and ginger zee, tracking it all. breaking at this hour, celebrity chef, nigella lawson on the stand. telling the court her ex-husband has been spreading false accusations of drug use, threatening to destroy her. ron burgundy is taking his talents to bristol. >> ron burgundy taking his act to "sportscenter." the anchorman going one-on-one with the q.b. we don't think anyone's ever said this to peyton manning be


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